20, 59, 35, 6, 18.   These aren’t winning numbers.  These are the ages of people I have known who died.  All of them were smack dab in the middle of living.  They were making plans, dreaming of tomorrow, preparing for work, or getting ready for another semester of classes when their number was called.

There’s no way to bypass this call and no way to tell when it is your time to answer.  One thing is for certain:  Everyone’s number will be pulled.  And when it is read aloud, life as you know it ends, and eternity begins.

I’m ready.  I have decided that I really can’t wait until…until I graduate, until I pay off all my bills, until I meet that special someone, until the kids are out of the house,  until I start my own business, until I retire, until I have it all planned out.  I have decided that today is my best day.  I must enjoy it to the fullest, embrace every challenge, make an impact in the moment, love hard, and forgive often.  Tomorrow?  It just might be too late.

Whatever you are thinking of doing…begin doing it today.  20, 59, 35, 6, 18…who knows when your number will be called?  At least you can live with no regrets.