Vick’s second chance doesn’t mean you will get one…

I am thankful for all of my second, third, fourth, fifth, umpteenth chances that I have been given by my loved ones, my friends, coworkers, and most importantly, God.  Yet, I have come to learn that some people don’t get a second chance.  In fact, a lot of people don’t.

I tip my hat to Michael Vick and his second life in the NFL.  His hard work, athleticism, and perseverance have created a great opportunity for him to be restored as one of the NFL’s elite.  Yet, his case is really not that surprising considering that athletics is one of the most forgiving occupations in the world.  If you can run, throw, jump, put, jab, stroke, serve, block, or defend you have a very good chance of getting a second chance.

However, there are some occupations that are very unforgiving of moral issues: politics, religion, childcare facilities.  If you make a glaring mistake in these occupations, it could be career suicide.

So, what’s the difference in an athlete and a preacher?  Why do we cheer again for the point guard, but condemn the president?  Isn’t everyone deserving of a second chance?

No one is perfect.  Behind every mistake is an opportunity for success.  Babies fall when they attempt to walk.  Children misspell words when they finally begin writing their names.  Teenagers break rules when they get their first taste of freedom.  Newly weds fail to save for the rainy day.  Parents ease up on one child, and are merciless with the other. No one gets it right.  No one.  Not even you…

So, give yourself a break.  Better yet, give other people a break.  No one is perfect.  No, not one.

So...what do you think?

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