Mrs. Irene…

Mother Nature has a way of reminding us of just how fragile are lives and our possessions really are.  Hurricane Irene swept up the east coast on her own time-table, with her own agenda, and with an attitude that could not be adjusted.  In her path were homes, churches, buildings, schools, highways, car lots, universities, and people.

In a few hours, electrical lines were cut, roads became impassable, cell phones lost their power, and people lost their homes.  All of the technological advances that we enjoy at the push of a button or the scrolling of our finger proved ineffective in preventing water to creep into homes and flood out offices.  In fact, people are waiting now for their power to be restored and for the water to recede out of their living rooms.

Technology is superb.  It is the reason that I am able to connect with you through this blog.  Yet, it can easily become a crutch.  People lived for thousands of years without a car, television, an iPad or a microwave, and you can too…if needed.  Don’t forget the survival instincts that you possess.  Behind that cell phone and digital camera is an instinct in you to not only survive, but to conquer the crisis you encounter in life.  Man’s greatest power is within.  Technology will always come in as a distant second.



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