You Can Run But You Can’t Hide…

If you aren’t careful you will live your life in order to avoid having to answer tough questions.  You will switch friends, switch careers, and move to another state hoping that your past won’t follow you.  Rather than face what has happened, you choose avoidance and avoidance can work for years and years and years, until the questions come.  Questions have a way of bringing things to the surface that you thought you had buried for ever:

“Mommy, where is my daddy?”

“What is your credit score?”

“Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease or an abortion?”

“Dad, why didn’t you ever come to one of my games?”

“We have instituted a new policy.  Have you ever served any time in jail?”

“What did you want to do with your life?” (and after you tell them) “Why aren’t you doing it?”

“Did you ever start that business?”

“Who is Sheila and why did she leave a message on your phone saying “Can’t wait to see you this weekend?”

“All this time, you knew he was coming into my bedroom?”

“Where did you get this money from?”

Avoidance is never the answer.  Whatever you have been running from, stop.  Confront yourself.  Admit to yourself that you made a mistake…that you handled the situation the wrong way.  Finally, forgive yourself.  It happened.  There may be nothing you can do it about, so move on.  If there is something you can do about it, fix it as best you can.  Whatever you do, don’t spend the rest of your life running from something that you will never be able to hide.

So...what do you think?

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