Save the Whales, Males, Females…Part 2

I know. I know.  It isn’t the responsibility of television to teach our future and present generations about family values, but we cannot deny the influential power that television exerts upon its viewers.

Unfortunately, because television has become the new, cheap and inexpensive nanny or babysitter for a large majority of children in America, many of our youth are growing up impressed deeply by the images that are presented to them while their parents are out doing more important things.

T.V., radio, music, and social media all reflect the new American slogan: “It’s all about me, myself and I”.  Reality shows end with one man standing.  Music videos glorify doing it your own way.  Social networks allow us to create fake worlds with thousands of friends we have never communicated with outside of our “Like” buttons.  Individuality is running rampant and both men and women have been negatively affected.

Men pride themselves in solving problems and being useful.  They excel when they are encouraged.  They are naturally equipped to handle responsibility and they relish the opportunity to provide.  Today’s individualistic society that American media has created challenges males success in every way.

Women excel when they are protected and secure and when their children are protected and secure.  They like solving problems, just not their own and although they can handle responsibility, there is nothing like having a strong man around to think through things and handle some of the load. Today’s individualistic society that American media has created challenges female success in every way.

I know. I know.  I welcome your feedback.  The bottom line is unless men and women are both successful, neither group will ever be successful.  The best way to balance out success rates is to return to the Divine Design of Two-Parent (male and female) households.  We need to advertise it, promote it on t.v., preach it from our pulpits, teach it in school, rap about it, and present it as the best method to raise a family.  Yes, there are many American households where this is not the reality, but truth never ages.

Just because you are a single-parent or you come from a single-parent home does not mean that you cannot promote a two-parent family for you or your children’s future. We all must do it regardless of our personal marital status.

If we can promote college to our children although some of us didn’t attend…If we can promote waiting to have sex until you are married although some of us didn’t wait, surely we can all promote the value and strength of marriage and family.

I have traveled to a lot of countries and although America is rich in possessions and these countries are not, most of these countries are wealthy in their family relationships. Because the foundation of their family relationships are so strong, when they have opportunities to increase their economic situations, the entire family unit is improved.  It is the reason why certain ethnic groups will come to America, buy one house, split the mortgage five or six ways helping all of them to create a more secure financial foundation for the future.

When you create a strong family unit, you create a strong nation.  Study the following families.  No, you don’t have to like them or approve of all their choices, but study them: The Jacksons (Michael, Janet, Jermaine and Crew), The Mannings (Archie, Peyton, and Eli), The Simmons (Russel and Rev. Run), The Khardashians (I know I know but just consider them…), The Kennedy Family and The Bush Family, The Waltons (the Walmart and Sam’s Club family)and The Smiths (Will and Jada and them…).  They are proof positive that when the family unit remains strong, resilient, and stable, wealth and prosperity are possible. Yes, there will be issues and controversies, but these American families have one simple common denominator: Mom and Dad were both heavily involved at some point in their lives…and it has created the potential for generational wealth.

Individuality is hurting our men and our women, thereby harming America.  Let’s get back to the basics, and steer our country back into the right direction. After all, your family and your future family are counting on it.

So...what do you think?

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