Dear Dr. King

I just wanted to report on our progress since your passing. Our families are doing okay. We have a lot of absent fathers and selfish mothers but the government created an agency called Child Support so there’s no need to march in protest about that.

It’s simple really. The guys can send a monthly check to support their children so it is kind of like they are providing for their kids just like they were actually there, right? And the women can get the checks and use them to help raise their children. You know the check becomes the father, and the father? Well, he can go do other stuff like make more children and chase that paper (that’s a new phrase for getting money).

We do have more males in prison than in college, but again, we don’t need to march in Washington. Hip Hop (that’s a new music genre) loves to promote young black males with criminal records so there is still hope that many of our brothers that go to jail might produce a platinum album upon their release.

We are on tv a lot more. Your beloved city Atlanta promotes 4 beautiful black women climbing the success ladder, while back stabbing each other and raising their kids alone (remember we have Child Support now and Hip Hop artists and Professional Athletes create huge checks).

Yes, I’m sure it is weird for you to see so many of us tatted down from head to toe(excuse me that’s the ebonic verb form for tattoos). That is our new way of creating identity because we have no identity. No, the government doesn’t give those out for free. You either pay for them or have a friend or cell mate do one for you.

The church? I’m sorry, I can’t believe I forgot to mention that. Well, you would be pleased with the amount of people who attend and the social programs that have been created. Not sure how many people are actually followers of Christ. We have a lot of fans though. But fans help economically support megachurches which helps get the social programs out so we need those fans…I think. What do you think?

I know what you are thinking though: How do we get the message out about the economic, social, moral and political plight of our people if we don’t use the pulpits in our churches? Don’t worry, Dr. King. We have Facebook and Twitter now and we even have a website called We also have BET and they have really cool shows like “The Game” and “106 & The Park”. Who needs the church when you have these media networks at your finger tips!

So, on the day that was set aside by the government to celebrate your accomplishments, I wanted to give you an update. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. We have our first black president of the United States! I’m sure plenty of people have written to you about President Obama. Just wanted to save the best for last!

Cheers to Keeping Your Dream Alive,

Danielle M. Koonce

13 Comments on “Dear Dr. King”

  1. Prophessor Koonce, Rev. Koonce, Danielle, friend,

    Just wanted to let you know how very proud of you that I am. You are an amazing woman that I know, is impacting so many lives, especially, I am sure of, the younger generation. As a young girl in middle and high school, I looked up to, respected, and strived to be more like you. God definitely had a very special plan for you, and to him and many others, including myself, you did not disapoint. I wish you all the best, my friend and Happy Martin Luther King Day…he would be so proud, as well!

    • Thank you very much and those words are very encouraging. I appreciate your love and support. I always admired your style and determination to be original. Just as you were watching me, I was watching you.



  2. I love this Danielle! It’s reality, and so close to home. I would hope that some day Dr. King would be so very proud of us, however we still have a long long way to go. Thanks for sharing the facts,and writing about the realities of many of us seem to overlook. Keep up the great work! Miss you.

  3. your writings should be a movie for all eyes to see. I can see it as clear as you write it. I know who your hand is guided by.

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