The Good, the Bad, and Whitney…

Losing Whitney Houston is like losing Michael all over again. Their flaws reminded you that they were “just like everyone else”, but their voices and their charisma reminded you that they were “exactly like no one else.” For many people this created a strange dynamic-a love/hate relationship. You loved them for their talent, but you hated the fact that they couldn’t seem to get it all together. Yet, this is the struggle of every single person on earth: We are so good at what we are good at, and we are so bad at what we are bad at, but most of us don’t have thousands of media networks recording every minute of it.
People are hurting tonight and they don’t even know why. I think one reason may be we have spent so much time loving their good and hating their bad that we didn’t have to deal with our issues. Now, it is our time to face the man in the mirror and realize that we too have something in common: no one is promised tomorrow and rather than spend all of our time living through someone else’s highs and lows,we all need to spend some time working on our own.

Rest in Peace, Ms. Houston. You have probably taught us more in your passing than in your living…

2 Comments on “The Good, the Bad, and Whitney…”

  1. I agree that I was often disappointed in the flaws of both Michael and Whitney, but I think their flaws were exacerbated by the fact they probably had very few true friends. They both became music making machines, producing hit after hit for their fans, but it wasn’t just good music. They gave us unforgettable, harmonious, melodic experiences that left us smiling, laughing, dancing and crying. What did we give them?

    I often wonder, if in their times of need, we failed them by allowing our cheers to turn to chastising instead of encouragement. Maybe we stole their humanity with our endless requests for one more song.

    Oftentimes extraordinarily talented people become slaves to their fans and begin neglecting their own needs–never taking time to refill or minister to themselves. Eventually, they reach empty, and the people that once cheered now stare in disdain and disappointment. Now broken, they begin grasping for anything to replace the high they one received form the applause of the crowd.

    If I could see Whitney or Michael, I would say, “Forgive me for asking for too much.”

    • I agree completely. I just keep thinking, I should have prayed more…and perhaps we all should have prayed more as we would for our own sisters and brothers. Hearing her songs on the radio they seem so prophetic and eery….she ministered so much love but she seemed unable to receive that same love….
      I am on a quest to discover what causes those that are so gifted and so full of love to often struggle with receiving it from everyone else.

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