Losing Whitney Houston is like losing Michael all over again. Their flaws reminded you that they were “just like everyone else”, but their voices and their charisma reminded you that they were “exactly like no one else.” For many people this created a strange dynamic-a love/hate relationship. You loved them for their talent, but you hated the fact that they couldn’t seem to get it all together. Yet, this is the struggle of every single person on earth: We are so good at what we are good at, and we are so bad at what we are bad at, but most of us don’t have thousands of media networks recording every minute of it.
People are hurting tonight and they don’t even know why. I think one reason may be we have spent so much time loving their good and hating their bad that we didn’t have to deal with our issues. Now, it is our time to face the man in the mirror and realize that we too have something in common: no one is promised tomorrow and rather than spend all of our time living through someone else’s highs and lows,we all need to spend some time working on our own.

Rest in Peace, Ms. Houston. You have probably taught us more in your passing than in your living…