What Would Jesus Do?

For a long time I have debated within myself about speaking out about homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Afterall, I have friends that are bisexuals, gays, lesbians and transgendered individuals. I also spent quite a few years of my life trying to figure out my own sexuality and I did not want to seem hypocritical or condescending. Yet, I never set out to live a life that was perfect, popular or politically correct. I set out to live my life as a follower of Jesus Christ, and I have found no place in the Bible that supports same-sex marriage or homosexuality. Homosexuality as well as fornication as well as adultery, pornography, incest, and molestation are sexual perversions and deviations from God’s original plan. Regardless of how good, right, natural, accepting, and popular homosexuality, adultery or fornication seems to be, it is still sin. Homosexuality, adultery and fornication are destructive to the spirit, soul and body and they have the potential to destroy people, families, and nations.

Yet, the only thing I know that may be more destructive than sexual sin itself, is the way people who call themselves Christians treat people who struggle with sexual sin and I think this causes God just as much pain. In the Bible (John 8:1-11), when the people wanted to stone the woman who was caught in adultery, Jesus replied, “…he without sin, cast the first stone.” I think Christians need to remember this before stoning people with their words and judging people’s sexual behavior. After everyone had dropped their stones and left, Jesus said to her, “…go and sin no more.” He didn’t try to cast demons out of her. He didn’t tell her she couldn’t go to the temple until she was completely delivered. He didn’t read scriptures from the Torah about adultery. He didn’t tell her to grow her hair back, take off her earrings, or put on a longer skirt. He simply defended her from the people, released her from the guilt and shame that had been placed upon her and He acknowledged that she had sinned.

I can never really talk about that story without getting emotional. When I was struggling with my sexuality I carried so much shame, guilt, and pressure that I literally wanted to end my life to get away from the inner turmoil that I was experiencing. I can’t help but see myself as that lady caught in adultery, surrounded by angry onlookers ready to throw sharp and jagged stones at me for getting caught in the light for something I had done in the dark. To know that Jesus never had one intention of throwing anything at me but grace and mercy is overwhelming.

I think the Body of Christ has forgotten what it feels like to be absolutely guilty, on the brink of condemnation, but saved by Grace. If we really want to reach the lost, the hurting, the confused, we need to return to that place, where God met us, saved us, and pushed us forward to live.

Homosexuality, fornication, adultery, incest, molestation are wrong. Yet, only a person without sin has a right to cast a stone and The Person Without Sin chose not to.

24 Comments on “What Would Jesus Do?”

  1. Excellent Dee well written… puts things in perspective with all of these negative comments and written propaganda being written from both sides of the spectrum…. Continue to let God use you through written inspirations

  2. “Homosexuality as well as fornication as well as adultery, pornography, incest, and molestation are sexual perversions and deviations from God’s original plan”

    – What you just said is more than what Dan Cathy said. So how is it that you are not throwing stones with your words just as much as you are accusing others of doing?

    The problem with our society today is that if you voice your Biblical Christian beliefs, you are hating someone. The people in John 8 were not throwing stones of words, they literally were going to kill the woman. Does this mean that Christians should call homosexuals names? BY NO MEANS, but what these Chik-fil-a type boycotts are designed to do is silence Christians, including you…

  3. That was awesome my sista.. *hugs* Thank you for your testimony. I can post a thousand cute memes but nothing has the power of the words you just provided from the heart.

    • Thanks so much. I almost gave in to self-pressure and fear of what others would think, but that is bondage in itself. Christ came that we might have liberty and for that I am thankful.

  4. Jesus Christ made no mention of criticizing condemning homosexuality ANYWHERE in the New Testament. In fact, if he were on the Earth today, he would probably question why some people (close-minded heterosexuals) in the world believe that the strength of their love is any better than the love between two other partners even if they are same-sex.
    The same segment (Old Testament: Leviticus) of the Bible that condemns homosexuality also bans the consumption of pork, bans haircuts, bans tattoos, allows for a man to kill his neighbor if he is outside on the Sabbath, considers a female to be the property of his father or husband, and allows for the public stoning of a woman who is discovered to not be a virgin at the time of her marriage. Why follow only certain tenets of that particular section of the Bible; that in itself is the most hypocritical when you pick and choose what God finds morally reprehensible only because they align with your own personal views.

    • Good points, and many people bring up similar arguments regarding the law in the Old Testament and which portions should be kept. This is what is so awesome about the Grace of Jesus Christ and the power of the New Testament. Jesus came to release us from the bondage of the law that no one could seem to keep anyway. Yet, even in the New Testament, the Bible is clear about sexual sin and staying away from it. Check out Romans 1 (I’d say the entire chapter but particular verses 18-32).

      Christ relieved us from the bondage of the law and replaced it with Grace and for that I am thankful.

  5. The Person Without Sin said GO AND SIN NO MORE. He never said what she was doing was OK. He saved her from death, not a reprimand.

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