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I have heard countless discussions about whether President Obama has done enough for Black Americans, or whether his views on same-sex marriage will destroy our country. In most of these conversations I have kept silent but there comes a time when you have to speak out.

So he supports same-sex marriage. So now since he has spoken in favor of it, the nation is coming to an end? You mean to tell me the moral disintegration we see in this country has nothing to do with the 50% divorce rate that our nation experiences? The moral decay that we are facing in our country has nothing to do with the glorification of sex and drugs, the child pornography scandals that keep arising in seemingly every other state, the promotion of teen pregnancy, the auctioning off of girls and guys who try to out-date each other to win their bachelor or bachelorette? The moral decay in our country has nothing to do with reality housewives who have to have cocktails, liposuction, and cat fights every few hours to stay sane? Now, all of a sudden the president’s opinion on gay marriage has caused the breakdown of the family? In the words of Bill Cosby, “Come on People”.

The Body of Christ has had countless Christian leaders and television personalities step down, take a sabbatical, or apologize to their congregations for the hurt they have caused because of their extra-marital affairs, tax evasions, drug addictions, and baby mama dramas, but none of this has affected how the Body of Christ is perceived? Yet, you want to blame it all on the President’s opinion of same-sex marriage-an issue that will be decided state-by-state regardless of who’s in office?

Black America, what else can he do? Can he make us value education over entertainment? Can he make us stop watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and force us to pay more attention to public policies? Can he make us take responsibility for the music that we have allowed to infiltrate our communities-lyrics that promote sex, drugs, blatant disrespect for authority and God? Is he alone to blame for the weaknesses within our culture? All he has done for the last four years is love his family and provide a positive image for marriage, parenting, and relationships. He has accepted full responsibility to lead our country out of a bunch of messes that he had nothing to do with. He faces disrespect and rebellious opposition from his own congress on a daily basis, and through it all he has maintained his decency, integrity, and professionalism. People like that used to be called exemplary, but I guess he is the exception.

I am frustrated with this pervading attitude that seems to be taking over our nation: Take Responsibility for Nothing, Accept every Excuse that is Given. Right now President Obama is the excuse that everyone can lean upon, but no one wants to talk about what their responsibility is in the messes that have been created in our country and that is tragic because all of us are responsible to some degree.

If you only voted for the president in 2008, but ignored local and state elections, you are responsible. If you are a closet Christian whose worship and service is active only between the four walls of your church, you are responsible. If you watch unhealthy reality shows and listen to degrading and exploitative musical lyrics because it’s “just tv” or it’s “just music”, you are responsible. If you have relied only on the television campaign ads and political talk shows to shape your vote, you are responsible. If you have ever remained silent on an issue when you knew you should have spoken up, you are responsible. If you are sitting on your ideas for small businesses and self-improvement, you are responsible. If the ratio of books to toys in your child’s bedroom or playroom is 1 to 10, you are definitely responsible.

Black America will change when Black America decides to re-prioritize its values and the Church will see revival when it decides to humble itself and turn from its confusing and divisive ways. Then and only then will God heal the land (2 Chron. 7:14).

So, yes you have a choice in this upcoming election. You can vote out the current president since he is to blame for all of the issues in our country and you can vote in his opponent so he can be blamed in 2016, OR you can take some personal responsibility and pray more than you complain, become more educated about the issues that affect your community, improve your lifestyle mentally, physically, and emotionally, and vote for the candidate that best represents this country both at home and abroad as we continue transitioning in an ever-changing, ever-evolving economic and social stratosphere.

If we do the latter, I guarantee we will see change, move forward, and experience the greatest comeback in the history of our nation. But it won’t be because of the president. It will be because of the people.