I’ve Learned…Okay I’m Still Learning…

1. It would be nice to have a rewind button and erase button in life, but fast forward is for fools.
2. When a person dies, there is nothing you can do to bring them back. Let go, cherish memories.
3. Enjoy your work. Meaning is better than money.
4. Play harder. You will live longer.
5. Eat icecream…lots of it.
6. Leap before you look..sometimes.
7. Listen before you hear ALL the time.
8. Love harder than you hate.
9. Crying is the best therapy.
10. Therapy is expensive.
11. Holiness is an acquired taste.
12. You are as old as you feel.
13. Friends come and go. Family is constant.
14. Money is a lot of fun.
15. Money is a cruel master.
16. Money is better when you share it.
17. Rap and Hip Hop are different.
18. There will never be another Michael (Jordan or Jackson or Ellis)
19. Marriage is God’s way of saying, “Now you know how I feel”
20. Marriage is not a problem-solver. It is a place where you can solve problems together.
21. Spending time with children keeps you humble.
22. Most of what Christians confess, they don’t believe.
23. If you believe, anything is possible.
24. Hurting people hurt people.
25. Happy people happy people.
26. You will never develop a real relationship with God treating Him like you treat other people.
27. Even if you are the only one willing to take a stand, stand.
28. Music will find the things you have hidden. Be careful what you listen to.
29. Celebrate yourself.
30. Take it easy. No one is perfect.
31. Regardless of how advanced social media gets, only a hug can communicate a hug.
32. Forgiveness is more about you than them.
33. Regret never brings back yesterday.
34. Sometimes the action can be wrong, but the motive can be right. Focus on the motive.
35. Three words that are perhaps stronger than “I love you”: “I need help”

2 Comments on “I’ve Learned…Okay I’m Still Learning…”

  1. Danielle, I tell you. Turning another year older has made you one year wiser. So much truth, humility, conviction, and gratitude in your words… Thanks for sharing. I plan to pay it forward by passing on what you have given to me.

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