I Love Me Some…

I luv, sho-nuff love, got-to-be more careful, love me some Richard Koonce.
When my emotions are weighing me down, he carries me
As if I weighed a feather. He just carries me with his words:
“It’s okay.”
With his lips upon my forehead.
His hand on the small of my back.
He is so strong on my weak days,
And he makes me weak.
Made me a freak.
Has my mind thinking of things I can’t speak
(well I could but I want everyone to read these lines)
My Grandma told me, you will know. He ain’t got to be fine…
To you.
But to me?
Girl, ain’t nobody better. You need to get you one.
But not mine.
Jesus made that wine.
But Lord, he can make me so mad that I cuss
And fuss.
And as I begin to glare
He just stands there…
With that deep stare.
And I’m thinking in my mind…
(“don’t you even go there”)
And just before my voice can rise
He says,
“I apologize”
Next thing I know, my cheeks are cracking with a smile
For this man, I’d walk a mile
I luv, sho-nuff love, got-to-be more careful, love me some Richard Koonce.

5 Comments on “I Love Me Some…”

  1. Sho’nuff, girl. Tell the world about it. This is awesome. I love this poem. Our Richards are sho’nuff the truth. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Richard from me and my Richard.

  2. Girl, you ought to quit, as Aunt Doodie would say.  That is so cute, sweet, and I am sure Mr. Koonce loves the poem.  Keep luving.  Both of you.  God bless. Aunt Terecia


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