Black History Moments

Black History is American history and by failing to remember the good and the bad…future generations lose momentum.

This statue of Frederick Douglass is on the campus of the University of Maryland and is a great depiction of the fiery orator that Douglass became during his time as an abolitionist. Douglass, who escaped from slavery in Maryland is one of the greatest voices of America. During the 19th century, no person was photographed more than Douglass. People marvelled at his speaking and intellectual abilities-some even refusing to believe he had once been a slave. Douglass spoke with power and conviction that all men were created equal and that slavery was the vilest institution imaginable. Douglass wrote and published his own autobiography about his experiences as a slave. He was nominated for Vice President of the United States, he counseled several presidents and spoke passionately after slavery was abolished about equality for the newly freed men, women and children. Douglass is testament to resilience. What you are born into, does not mean you have to stay there. You can determine your own destiny.


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