Black History Moments: The Finale

Black History is American history and by failing to remember the good and the bad…future generations lose momentum..

On the last day of #BlackHistoryMonth, I want to reconsider Black History along two lines: 1) the era of slavery and Jim Crow-an era that lasted over 300 years

and 2) the post-Civil Rights era-an era that is roughly 55 years old.

Let that sink in…300 years of separation and segregation compared to 55 years to try out liberty and integration. What other group of people in the history of people have had to endure such major contradictions in a country that isolated them completely from their native home, native languages, religions and customs?

Any historian could tell you that the odds of success would be slim to none. And yet, Black History illustrates over and over again that Black folks beat the odds over and over and over again. Of course with these highs there have been stubbornly persistent lows. There have been achievements and setbacks…

activism and new visions…

and Change and Hope presided over a nation for 8 straight years.

Black History is an incredible journey and the best thing about it is the fact that it is just getting started!
Cheers to you as you carve out your own piece of Black History. There are plenty of great chapters still left to write!


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