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#Charlottesville Is Us, But We Can Change: The Finale

If Jesus died for ALL, but your Christianity only allows you to support those that look like you or have your political convictions, what should we make of your Jesus?

10 Things Too Costly for Christians to Forget

1.  You didn’t find salvation.  Salvation found you.  Romans 5:7-8 makes it very clear that when our thoughts were as far from God as the east is from the west, He loved us so much that he devised a plan to save us. This keeps us from becoming entitled. We love to point to today’s …

What Would Jesus Do?

For a long time I have debated within myself about speaking out about homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Afterall, I have friends that are bisexuals, gays, lesbians and transgendered individuals. I also spent quite a few years of my life trying to figure out my own sexuality and I did not want to seem hypocritical or …