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LeBron James & Pastor John Grey: What’s Trump Got to Do With It?

Now, why would President Trump insult Ohio’s son, LeBron James, on the same day he is scheduled to attend a rally in Ohio?  Because President Trump and his team is not concerned about uniting America.  They are concerned about continuing to racially divide America. 

This Ain’t New. We’ve Been Here Before

America has always been structured to favor certain groups over others and historically our country has proven it will do that by any means necessary.

They Cheer For Lebron; They Fear Tamir

According to Nike and Lebron James, the city is “all in.” It’s an emotional commercial showing people from various backgrounds uniting with the city of Cleveland and King James to believe that together they can all participate in bringing a NBA championship to the state Lebron calls home. But Nike is good with getting people …

The Spurs in Miami’s Heat and Other Lessons from the NBA Playoffs

Since I love making things relevant to life, I thought I’d share 5 lessons I am learning as I watch the NBA playoffs: 1. The Grass is Greener on the Other Side, but it Still has to be Cut. Lebron James made the decision to take his talents to South Beach, and having visited both …