Are You Happy? Do it Big!

Are you tired of being on the sidelines of everyone else’s happiness? Are you tired of watching friends and family members step out on their dreams and visions? Why not join them? You really want to be happy in 2013? Do it big. Don’t half-step, tip-toe, start and then stop. Do it big. Start this year off right and live your life with total effort.

You want to lose weight and work out? Do it big. Don’t wait to feel like it. Just get out there and start doing something if it is no more than walking 10 minutes a day.

You want to start a business? Make one phone call to one person that you know will hold you accountable. Start writing your vision even if you can’t see all the pieces.

You want to end a relationship that you know is unhealthy for you? Do it big. Make the call today. Don’t waste another moment of 2013 in an intimate relationship with someone who doesn’t value and respect you. Take a deep breath and make the call, write the letter, or send an email. I know this can be scary and emotions can run high but do you really want to go through what you just went through in 2012?

Doing it big doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be loud and flashy. It simply means that you don’t go into a decision half-heartedly in an attempt to give yourself a way out.

Trust me, I’ve done small for a long time because I was afraid of what people might think or what they might say about my decisions. I didn’t want to offend anyone with the “new” me so I did things in tiny increments in an attempt to not make a scene or draw attention to myself. But doing things small only hurt me. The more I focused on making people comfortable, the more uncomfortable I became. That’s because God never intended for us to live small. He’s a massive God and he wants his children to be massive-not in a boastful or prideful way but massive in a way that helps people and draws people to Him. When you do you in a big way, people are helped incredibly.

Think about it. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr lived in a big way. He didn’t quietly protest injustice from the comfort of his living room couch. Instead he used every form of communication he could utilize to preach, speak, write, and teach about the inequality of the Jim Crow south.

The great evangelist, Billy Graham, didn’t settle on waiting for the unsaved to visit his church so he could reach them. Instead he put up tents, rented out buildings, gymnasiums and eventually professional sporting arenas and traveled all over the world to win the lost to Jesus Christ.

When you do things gingerly, cautiously and with hesitation you hurt yourself because you were made to live life to the fullest. A lot of people’s unhappiness can be traced back to a half-hearted attempt that they gave to their marriage, their career, their studies and to God. You were made to do it big. Stop thinking. Stop complaining. Stop worrying. Stop hesitating. Stop calculating. Stop whining. Stop blaming. Start living. Get off the sidelines. Stop being a cheerleader for everyone else and DO IT BIG. It’s your day. It’s your season. It’s your year. Let’s go!

4 Comments on “Are You Happy? Do it Big!”

  1. To God be the gloty,he has truly blessed his daughter with a mind and the ability to put some powerful words of encouragement and motivation on paper for the reader cannot just understand but feel it as well.Thnx a mill saying for the day Do It Big LOL

  2. I love this and needed to read this at this very moment. God is always on time. Thank you for putting things into perspective for me, Mrs. Koonce. Happy New Year!

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